Flash Back Arresters (Acetylene & Oxygen)

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Flash Back Arresters

A Flash Back Arrestor (FBA) is an essential piece of equipment that is precision made to prevent a flash back, which is a flame that travels in the opposite direction of the normal gas flow in either the torch being used or in the gas hose connected to your regulator.

Flashback arrestors help prevent:

  • Further gas flow in the case of pressure shocks
  • The entry of air or oxygen into the distribution line or single cylinders
  • Flashbacks which are the rapid propagation of a flame down the hose
  • Further gas flow in the event of a burnback.

According to the norm EN 730-1 / ISO 5175 they include a minimum of two safety elements:

A gas non-return valve (NV), which:

  • prevents dangerous gas mixtures
  • ensures the gas only flows in the intended direction

and a flame arrestor (FA), which:

  • cools the flame to below the ignition temperature of the gas or gas mixture
  • prevents flashback
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