Type B - Fan Forced Geyser

This unit can be installed inside (needs to be flued to the outside) or can also be installed outside under protective cover.  This unit is fitted with a flue sensor mounted on the flue diverter.  The function of this sensor is to shut the unit down within 4 minutes by law if the flue is blocked or the flue is not fitted.

This unit requires 220v for the fan. The plug point needs to be 1.5m away from the geyser. No power… no hot water!! (A backup ups system can be used for load shedding days)

Key features:

  • The geyser is fan assisted – the fan assists by sucking out the burnt gas for cleaner combustion, therefore increases the energy output of the burners resulting in much lighter gas consumption
  • Electric Impulse ignition, ensures stable and fast ignition
  • The geyser comes with a LCD display mounted on the front cover for easy setting of the required water temperature
  • Automatic fault function-displaying of error codes on the LCD display
  • Comes complete with the stainless steel flue and bend
  • Very low on gas consumption only 1.84kg/h at max
  • Fan Forced units works much better with mixer taps
  • Do not use toilet connectors for water in/outlets
  • Do not run the cold water supply from a electric geyser
  • Do not use orange hose as you will restrict the gas flow and increase the pressure resulting in gas starvation and the unit will not function correctly
  • Ensure to flush the water pipes before connecting it to the geyser.  We recommend the gas installer to connect the water pipes 
  • Geyser will perform best if water pipe line is less than 8m long to destination

    Only available in 12L & 16L
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