8L - 20L Diaphragm Geyser

This is the most common unit in SA – this unit can be installed inside (needs to be flued to the outside) or can also be installed outside under protective cover.  This unit is fitted with a flue sensor mounted on the flue diverter.  The function of this sensor is to shut the unit down within 4 minutes by law if the flue is blocked or the flue is not fitted.

How it works:

  •  Ignition is through Type D torch batteries
  • Open hot water tap – the water pressure pushes the diaphragm forward, the spring loaded pin moves forward and activates the micro switch and sparker, signalling to the electronic box that there is spark and that the gas solenoid valve must open the gas to the main burners
  • For the geyser to operate at it’s best you need 1.8 – 2.5 bar  constant water pressure
  • Also keep in mind that if your water line exceeds 8m you  might encounter some heat loss
  • Diaphragm units do not work so well with mixer taps
  • Do not run the cold water supply from an electric geyser
  • Ensure to flush the water pipes before connecting it to the geyser.  We recommend the gas installer to connect the water pipes 
  • Always ensure to install the correct size geyser.  Never down size/up size on the geyser.

Simply do the following to assist you in choosing the correct size.  
1 – measure the water flow per minute at two to three different taps in and around the house. (Take a large bucket and simply open the tap for 1 minute and measure the quantity in the bucket)

2 – once you have determined the waterflow per minute you choose the size geyser according to that.

Example: If you get around 10L per minute then you install a 12L diaphragm unit.  Do not install an over-sized geyser as it will over-heat and shut down.

Available in the following sizes: 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 16L & 20L

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