Atlas 5L Camping Geyser with ODS

Atlas 5L Camping Geyser with ODS


Atlas 5L Camping Geyser

  • For indoor & outdoor (under cover) use (no flue)
  • Suitable for a small kitchen or basin/Camping
  • Can be used indoors without a flue
  • Oxygen depletion sensor (ODS)
  • Automatic ignition from two standard torch batteries
  • 1 year warranty

 Recommended Application:

  • Staff Quarters
  • Off-road Trailers
  • Hand Basins
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Low Flow Showers
  • JoJo tanks
  • Offsite hot water requirements
Rated Pressure 2800Pa
Heat Load 10kW
Suitable water pressure 1.5-5.0 bar
Gas Consumption 1.9kg/hr
Power Supply 3V DC
Size of each jet 0.73mm